Tea Party Time Machine

A plea to the Tea Party, and a warning to Renters.  Tea party front man Judson Phillips said on CBS…

“But one of those [voting restrictions] was you had to be a property owner.  And that makes a lot of sense, because… you actually have a vested stake in the community.”

The Farmer’s Revolt of 1689 in N.Y. was the effect of 3/4 of the land owned by 30 aristocrats who deemed renters uneducated.  In 1833 Seth Luther wrote the “Address on the Right of Free Suffrage”, a response to the voting monopoly of landowners in R.I., dubbing them  “small potato farmers”.  The Dorrs Rebellion during the 1840’s was the outcome.  P.A. was the 1st state to abolish this regulation, and by the 1860’s most white adult males could vote.  No one is 150 years old… corporations and time-machines excluded.

Native American Indians, African Americans, Women, non-English speakers/immigrants, and young adults 18-21 fought to vote, many never did.  Keep in mind that while Andrew Jackson ‘champion of frontiersmen’ openly fought for voter rights, he also sent armys to break strikes at canals and RRs.

Renters pay taxes, at the very least the property taxes deferred by their landlords (some states charge rent tax), and where there is tax there is representation, or, aka the original motivation of the Tea Party.  To claim that renters don’t have a vested interest is unfounded and ignores their many contributions to their land-base, in wars, taxes paid and in their communities (e.g. this letter).

In Siskiyou as of ’09’ (and in the U.S.), 33% rented (factor in the increasing rate of foreclosures by corporations and the crashing economy), while 66% owned (excluding corp. entities).  Siskiyou’s population was 44,634, meaning that 14,729 people (or 37.2M U.S. households), couldn’t vote.  You might know, are, or may even become one of these people.

One thought on “Tea Party Time Machine

  1. ravicher Post author

    This was a letter I wrote to the Editor of the Mt. Shasta Herald 3/12, keep in mind Siskiyou Co. is considered ground zero for many environmental/political battles and that the Tea Party is very influential out here… that is, the edge.


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