Scientific Revolution∞Best Response

This is by far the best response to the issue of a scientific revolution of paradigm and how it can change the world forever uniting all and all religions and all science, I mean, aint’ it about time?Image

If i can summerise your idea I would say, “We can eliminate strive and illicit cooperation by adopting one simple belief system that incorporates every belief system”. I agree, its logical to conclude that this is the solution to much of self imposed suffering in our global community. This is a very large and spiritual mission and there must be a contingent that handles the dissemination of the idea you have expressed above. It would be best spread as a religious movement but obtaining funds for your idea will make it vulnerable to corruption. This is the catch 22 and I think its worth it either way to spread such a positive idea.

Regarding my approach I want to change the system from the inside out. In the same way a virus works. Occupy was not an ego based approach and yet they wanted to change ego based institutions. there was no hierarchy there was no face for reporters to push their mics into, there wasn’t one simple objective.

Imagine a movement (reset) that incorporated all the structure of other successful (tea party) movements. The funding will be there, the organization will be there, the message will be clear, but most importantly we will integrate the intellectual spiritual aspects which resonate deep in the hearts and minds of humanity.

I really do believe this is the best approach. Ironically many people are disenfranchised by spiritual moments due to the lack of coherency and articulation of such ideas and mostly the free form kind of (every opinion is valid) approach, inhibiting the emergence of a single recognizable truth.

Having said all this your idea is beautiful and Utopian, but it needs a vehicle. A religion, a structure an organization to move it forward. Islam spread because they build mosks. I don’t necessarily like that it works this way but its clear to me for now this is the way it works.

3 thoughts on “Scientific Revolution∞Best Response

  1. Frederick Kardatzke

    I think you are on the right track here, remember the Irish, though they had idealogical differences, horrid history, they made up and can not work together. Enjoy the differences in myths, humans’ points of view. They may hold the missing piece to our puzzle!- @zapher134

    1. ravicher Post author

      the point of a paradigm shift of model and method would inspire global inclusivity of belief systems rather than the other secular approach – religions can be united as can beliefs, it takes pure logic and the quest for moral truth.


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