∞Dance of Obligation

I have over these years acquired the belief that our lives are inseparable from all of creation and all time, that our very life is a gift of these dancing forces.  Modern fringe sceince is progressively reaching this same level of conviction but is held back by the normal/accepted materialist mechanistic model from 600BC or so.Image.  Each of us, every creature, rock and moment are a unique window with a unique perspective to the dance of all creation and time.  This very window is the gift we call Life Unique, one all of us received at birth and will return at death.  Seminal in this gift is the obligation of return to the very dancing forces that offered it, life.  An obligation and responsibility to life itself, to the propagation of these unique windows in all ways, to these star-like points of light, to constellations that evolve into an ever clearer picture of what is.  Our unique deeds and perspectives combine to create art on the panes of our windows unique, this art is our gift back to the dancing forces of life.  How you give your gift uniquely, how you let others peer through this art-full window into your soul and how you peer in awe through the panes of others’ unique windows is the art of giving back, to Dance the Dance of Life.


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