Define Occupy for yourself

My modern re-adaptation of Julien Benda’s essay ‘The Betrayal of the Clerks’ or ‘The Treason of the Intellectuals’ from 1927.


Morality predicated on Politics (and “political” movements), high on lofty wings of elite entitlements, built upon foundations of fraternity that supersede it’s own sustainability (aka materialism), and any shape and style of obviously unjustifiable circumstance for violation and violence, the self proclaimed birthright of the “civilized”, with a stench of greed, power and popularity so overpoweringly foul enough to force life itself to wander blind with eyes watering through a pea soup of metaphysical low laying fog in the desolate clear cut valleys of self doubt, adorned with any manner of bling, indulgencia and illusion of hope to lead life itself unawares over the finite cliff of reality.  Solipsism at its worst, humanity in its most vile selfish state.  Welcome to TODAY™!(a very long day that’s included all of my life as well as many others).  where you (or enter your chosen corporate entity name or brand here to remain in an ethereal moral $=soylent green bubble of anonymity and unaccountability, separate from life itself (pop!)), can stand on a patronizing patriotic profit driven pedestal of scientism and intellectualism above all land & sea, people, creatures, life and creation itself and feel safe… in our shared (yes, we do share it), dystopia (that’s of course only if your eyes are open)…. Our overall ability to empathize with and understand life as a whole is reflected in our overall morality and how we synchronistically act in solidarity from a point of empathy towards the Whole World™ around(ish (some think its egg shaped and most of the “civilized” once thought it was flat, I choose to leave my options open).  I truly believe that the Occupy movement represents an event unbound by time, world-wide, a cross cultural multifaceted (but anti corporate), human re-evolution of awareness through true empathy, and for the many deemed “weak”, “uncivilized” or “insane” (see the challenges to the DSM yet?), by the violent amoral Hammer culture addicted to its self fulfilling prophecies of apocalypse (pick one), true suffering (and some for generations, e.g. N. Korea’s current defector policy of death for 3 generations), and violation of freedom and life itself.  I believe that Occupy is not just another “American”,”political” or even “economic” movement seeking its voice under the thin and presently dull veneer of politics, nationalism and laws inseminated from their very beginnings with violation and foisted like rape upon all life, but an occupation founded upon a morality infused with true action and voice, one that resonates harmonically & holistically with life itself, undeniable and without the need or even the use for defense, unlike the social (or sociopathi/omnicidal if you prefer), movement known as corporate materialism: the very malignant, metaphorical and also “very real” cancer of life itself (and if I may Chris Hedges, the “true” cancer of Occupy, the reason for it), ever wonder why ENRON’s bible was the ‘Selfish Gene’ by Richard Dawkins, the self appointed Pope of Scientism.  For me and many many others, Occupy is the scab attempting to naturally form over the many life threatening open wounds caused by the self ordained and “acceptable” sacrifices and “soft targets” (with the usual comforting companions of media as propaganda, ignorance and arrogance), of the insatiable life thirsty blood drinking “cult of success”.  Don’t pick it off the scabs just because they itch with shards of a broken corporate windows, heal the wounds for we all know there is no window big enough nor enough rocks to go around, take your brick back and build it anew, build it harmonically with Life and Nature.  No, I’m not a Nihilist,  6526 arrests around the country for 1 day of peaceful protest (violence and injury not included), is enough to make one wonder.


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