the White Apple

I coined the name White Apple in reference to a few things
a) “A real Red Apple” was an American Indian derogatory term used to describe another American Indian as “red on the outside, and white in the middle”, or American Indians who acted “white”. I have essentially reversed this to infer that the cores of my beliefs ring more true with American Indians beliefs than most others, and that only my skin is “white”, the rest of me is human as all our bloods run red. This is not to infer that I in anyway think that I am American Indian, or that I go to sweats and such, but that their moralities and beliefs I hold as mostly true. This became extremely evident when I became aware of the 7th generation concept.
b) The apple relates to knowledge, as in the Garden of Eden as a metaphor. It is like the Greek golden apple Kalliste: “for/to the prettiest one”, thrown by Eris the goddess of discord. The Stone Monkey of China robbed the peaches of immortality from the heavenly orchard just before the peach festival. The “philosophers stone” and many others, but these will do.

I entitled my blog “Tell it to the Mountain” as I once lived in Mt. Shasta and would see those awe inspiring peaks into the heavens. Sometimes it may seem in life that you’re words are of no use to others, but this is rarely true and the Mountain always listens.


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