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The Paradigms of Revolution: Pt. 1 of The Scientific

meuallRecently David Sirota (1), author of the book ‘Back to our Future: How the 1980’s Explain the World We Live In Now’ wrote an article entitled ‘Rethinking American Exceptionalism’ (2), where he touched on valid points regarding examples of American exceptionalism using examples of Health Care, Freedom and Military Might.  In the end he says: “…the true sign of American exceptionalism is an American that starts saying yes… [to] less exceptionalism in how much we spend on the Pentagon, how many wars we initiate, how many casualties we incur and how many people we kill?”.  The history and meanings of the word itself make a fine adventure (3), coined by Alexis de Tocqueville in 1835-40 to mean “a uniquely American ideology, based on liberty, egalitarianism, individualism, populism and laissez-faire.” (4).  The Protestant concepts of Manifest Destiny & “The City upon a Hill” imply American superiority and an untouchable/chosen quality which many conservatives and neoconservatives still support today, see Mitt Romney’s criticism of Obama (5).  Thomas Jefferson used it to express the idea that America would be the “shining”, yet “benign beacon” of Liberty and “freedom of self government”… for the world over.  Lenin also used it in regards to the American Communist party in the 1920’s and it’s belief that it was above the laws of Marxism.  For many post-nationalists, such as Howard Zinn (6), it applies rather to the concept of a lack of Virtue that he (as well as a growing American body), felt had crashed against the walls of what are called the historical and current American imperialist actions and intentions abroad as well as tyranny at home.  Socrates was said to have used the word ‘excellence’ as a human quality to be strived for in all things, but most of all in respect to the search for moral truths and one’s actions as an act of piety as well as being the obvious and logical human path.  It is this Socratic definition that seems to ring truest for Exceptionalism… for hasn’t Socrates remained an exceptional example of a seemingly otherworldly and unattainable moral code that has yet to truly reflect itself within any Political or Scientific body?  What is human exceptionalism/moral excellence in Science?
Taking a glance at the current moral attitudes of most scientists of the Accepted Scientific Body, one can easily assume that most support Global Peace and other such virtues of human morality, especially those scientists concerned with the environment, war, famine, natural disasters, public health, social sciences and much more.  There are various organizations devoted to furthering these virtuous causes like “The World Science Day for Peace Development” the week of the 11th of November (7), which sprang from the UN’s 1986 “International Year of Peace” and continues today.  There is also the USC research project on Science Diplomacy (8), where… “The primary purpose of this research project is to broaden the understanding of science diplomacy in the context of the wider field of public diplomacy.”  There is a pervasive attitude held by many that… “Science can eliminate many of the irrational fears that drive the worst of human behaviors.” (9), and lend a hand to the Political process of global peace and morality.  In the words of the 1962 Nobel Peace Prize winner Linus Pauling “I believe that there will never again be a great world war… I believe that it is the discoveries of scientists upon which the development of these terrible weapons was based that is now forcing us to move into a new period in the history of the world, a period of peace and reason…” (10), reflects a generally accepted worldview of peace and science expressed by Alfred Nobel himself. There are also attempts to change the face of Science itself using the concepts like Post-Normal Science (11), originated by Thomas Kuhn, especially when applied to the Global Warming Scenario as in this piece by Toumo Saloranta from the U. of Bergen, Norway (12).  If we are to assume as Science does (as well as the UN), that the only way to achieve peace and unity on this Earth we share is to create a very real fear of global death with enough “mutually assured destruction” (13) to end most of life many times over, have we not then given up much the options we might need to seek this unity on paths without bombs?  The name of this path to unity is called “Now I am become Death, Destroyer of Worlds” (14), isn’t this the very same death that happens to everyone eventually?  Does anyone really need a bomb to understand and comprehend the very simple moral questions surrounding death?  Do we need Science do defend morals, or can morals stand together as one and become united without but lifting our thoughts with but a few fingers to the internet?  This begs another question, can the internet (as it seems rights are compromised), even realistically alleviate the need for the bombs with creating a transparent and agreed upon morality, one opposed to the current Scientific solution which seems more like ‘Romper Room’ – a not so new “Reality” T.V. show… and the rates are still skyrocketing.  Taking nothing for granted, one friend recently asked me if he really had to ask anyone on this Earth the “permission to live here right now”… without the need of bullies with bombs looming over our heads every day of my entire life? (born in 1968)-

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“Fawkes” by Randal Roberts http://www.allofthisisforyou.com/gallery/12_fawkes.html



∞℗☛EVOLUTICON Pts 1-3☚℗∞


This is not only a “testament” to “my” “faith” but also a “confession” (no, “I” didn’t “kill” “anybody” minus the “bug” “last” night and some other “nature” “stories” (had a “really bad” “night’s” “sleep”, a lot “on” “my” “mind”)), that “I” just don’t “get it”, and maybe “I’m” not “supposed” to. “Let” “me” fill “you” “in”, “right now” a “lightning storm” rolled in out of “nowhere” and filled the “sky” with “awe” and shook the “earth” of “Nevada County” (the “gold rush” “aka” the “gun pointing” towards “NV” (just “pointing” that “out” “United” “States”)), and “in my head”.  This morning (5/4/13), it was a sunny “happy” day as “I” went to the cafe for my daily “dose” of “coffee” and the “world”, sometimes it’s not even “sweet” with “organic sugar”.  Then, “two” “older” (70ish), “gentlemen” “I” “know” quite well “got into” an “argument” resulting in one of them on the “ground” and “both” of “them” “afraid”.  “I” “still” don’t “get it”, “they” were “both” “right” and “wrong”, “both ways” “at” the “same time”, and yet “I’m” “dumbfounded”, how did “I” “get here”?  Well, if “I” “was” “debating” on writing this “whatever it is” “before” this morning, this morning’s “event” was the “straw” that “broke my camel’s back” (please don’t send “pain medication”).  Oh yeah, “before” “I” “get” “too deep”, the “quote” “thing”… well, “the way” “I” “see” “it” is that the “world” of “my” “human” “experience” still “lacks” much “definition” and that these are “words” “I” “intend” to “define” “for myself”.  Although, I really don’t want to have to keep typing these damn things in here so lets just say that all the above quoted words or phrases are now, and until further notice, to be considered quoted (not necessarily a bad thing), but I “get” the “feeling” there are a lot more to “come”, so “watch out” – weave and bob, weave and bob… in “your” “thoughts”, “dogmas” and “bodies” that is (please include the last few words, as well as: “time, gravity, consciousness, unconsciousness, ethics, sentience, master, slave, light, electricity, death, life, violence, happiness and infinity” (much more upon request), and any others that may seem “questionable” or that “you” may “find” “personally” questionable (like “Woodsmen” for example), and keep in mind I “reserve” the “right” to “quote” “things” already on the quoted “list” “at any time”.  Thanks for your time and enjoy… oh, and I do “personally” and “sincerely” want to say that I am “truly sorry” for any “unintended” “offense” “taken”, that is not my “aim”, nor do “we” “live” on a necessarily “gentle” “earth”…. and/or, I’m not sorry……
the starfish in me.


By now, you might think I’m a little “strange”, “good”, in “fact” that would be “nice”.  You “see”, my “problems” all “started” when I “discovered” I “was” “indeed” “hanging out” on a “Fallacious” “Tree of Life”, and so, I cut that *&%$#@% SOB down, and that “lumbar” is what I’ve “used” “make” my “new” “house” that you “see” “here”.  I’d “like” to “show” you “around” if I “could”, do you have some “time”….. “curious”?  Don’t “worry”, we can always “go back” to the “Real” “Tree of Life”…. right?                

Wow, BIG day (5/6/2013), I listened to that Julian/Hedges interview, I was really hoping that we could take care of that Bush/Cheaney thing first though… and maybe we could kinda see where we go from “there”, ya “know”?  Did you happen to hear about the “secret” zombie plot to make unicorns use 3D printers to smear poop on rainbows?  Neither did I.  Oh, and supposedly on Naburu, ‘Reality Earth’ is way up high in the rankings (pass it please…yo!).  Which brings me to the ULTIMATE QUESTION……. after all, how “I” do “love” mystery and anticipation.  Remind me to tell myself about the seminal question when you get a “chance”, and if you’re beginning to think that I’m “stalling”, I’m not, timing is “everything” (shhh).  This question was posted on “God”s page and stopped the “atheist comment show” “cold” (sometimes for days), over and over again, until the Facebook “lesser gods” decided I was abusing my privilege of slinging “soulful” shit onto the atheistic fan page that is well known for slinging “religious” shit, along with such sites as ‘Religion Poisons Everything’ (uh, excuse me, but I thought that was Science’s job?), so to speak.  Well, my fun didn’t stop there as I “tiptoed” over to the Huffington Post smeared a rainbow or two, and then I “dilly dallied” over to that dignified rag ‘the New Yorker’… and laid a big shiny starfish poop on an article entitled ‘Does Science have Faith?’, which by the way side as far as Richard Dawkins is concerned “Science works Bitches!”, not bad for a 4 time Nobel/best “thinker” dude huh (my Dad had a replica of that statue I’ll have you know)?  Before you come into the “foyer” of my new pad I should let you know a couple of things about what I did before I realized I was a “starfishes” (remind me to tell myself about the starfishing someday).  “Today”, while I was “gazing” out a window, I began trying wonder what I wanted to be, before I wanted to be a “job”.  I “wandered down” into the “basement” (that light never works!), and after I bumped into a few “support beams” in the “dark” “it” came to “me” like that musty smell you smell when you opened up that box of stuff that your parent’s (I do love all 6 or 7 of mine btw), carefully packed away for you oh so “long” ago (well my box did smell (that just doesn’t sound right does it)).  I travelled deep (no pun intended), into my memories, like those glow in the dark fish at the bottom of the ocean, and found in the heavy watery depths an INTERGALACTIC SUPERHERO!  That’s what “I” wanted “be”!!… but, when I got to “college”, my superhero had somehow seemingly without my “consent” “evolved” into a Geneticist (remember those ‘find a job’ punch cards?… burn them all), and decided that it would be best to let Chemistry and Math “club” my spacehero within inches of his life and then try and drown him in Statistics class (don’t worry “silly”, “I” “dropped” “out”, too “smart” for my “own” “good”).  The “moral” of these “facts”… I don’t hate Science or Religion, but, I don’t love either or (c’mon they aren’t people people!).  Science, the self professed ‘master of the universe’ and illegitimate only bastard child of the pure and simple yet strangely powerful “human” “trait” called “curiosity”, and another ancient crusty old human trait that I’d like to call (for lack of a better term), ‘I wanna do the right thing’, (that scientists are just now finding has a half life as well as a full one), eventually neither trait wanted to “claim” the “child”.  “According” to the most recent “polls” the most “expensive” substance known to “humanity” (and scientists included), is Anti-Matter, I really don’t know what to say… I mean, I “thought”… well “never mind”, silly me, it was just a thought.  “Look alive”, here’s that question you’ve been “waiting” for (you have been “waiting”, right?)….. ‘You are in the San Francisco Bay on a drowning/sinking bus with Prophet/profit x,y, or z (of your choice), there is only one way out (time life “books” flights to Mars!), and one person “dies”, what do “you” “think” will happen?’ ~ You don’t have to answer that right away, neither has Richard.  I believe that this simple question can and will end many bloody battles of the bodies, minds and souls of everyone on this planet, kinda like ‘faith in a mustard seed’ (as my Grandma used to say), and lightly sprinkled with convictioner’s sugar (the “sweetest” stuff comes from the “soul” btw).


     I need to get something off “my” chest.  So, how many people does it take to make a new Religion/Belief system and/or to change the current Scientifically acceptable Axiom/Paradigm of materialistic “reality”?  One is probably the answer you might be looking for, that’s the I came up with anyway.  If that’s the case then I choose to do both at the same time.  For now I’ll call it ‘Mother Earth/Father Universe & the Living Gift’ and/or ‘The Law of the Mutable Sentience of Planetary Bodies and the Universe’.  That’s about as condensed as I think I can get it.  How many Islamic environmentalists are out there, how many scientist that have public or private beliefs in the “idea of a God” and/or of “alien” “life” forms?  The idea I am about to present can negotiate all of these and more.  It can negotiate the various ideas and beliefs of “God”, “the Soul”, “Life” & “Sentience” as a possible living/expanding constant Scientific paradigm/axiom of acceptable and believable unknowns in Scientific terms as well as relieve “Religious” strife and infighting allowing of course that these “Religions/Beliefs” are indeed each a path to compassion for the beauty of this creation (points unknown and infinite), called Earth and all of “it’s” “beings” as well as “ourselves”, and to value life itself over one’s “own” and valor over violence.  You can co-opt this idea and make it your own and color it as you will.

     What would happen if the Human World adopted an Umbrella Paradigm/Belief/Scientific Axiom/Religion that allowed for healthy/holistic paradigms to flourish?  Tell you what, you could call it what ever name/phrase you want (or none at all), hell, you could even call it common sense cause what’s happening right now in many parts of one Earth (well, not noticeably here by the pond anyway), is near lunacy.  I just call it Reality.  If you’re in to politics you could call it the Ultimate “Bulworth/Mr. Smith”, and if you’re in to philosophy you could call it a double edged razor and if you were moral you might call it just.  This is my peaceful offering to you, the world and life itself and I choose to call a Revolution of the Soul, or what may also be referred to as the only bloodless revolution around, even scientific revolutions have had to wait for scientist(s) to die.  If we just allowed ourselves to care, I’m sure that we could quite a bit.  That could change some things huh?  A Religion/Belief that is also a Scientific Axiom/Paradigm that can be holistically applied to our current shared/personal realities and sufferings.  If this Religion/Universal Paradigm/Belief, let’s just call it “God” for now, is an expanding and multidimensional body of knowledge then it cannot be quantified with questions and data or written in one book, rather it is the open ended questioning itself, after all, curiosity can trump fear with or without “success” and whether one calls it scientific or natural curiosity.

     A change in Belief/Paradigm could very well be reflected in our “priorities”, I’m just trying to get mine straight by accepting a flexible and mutable Umbrella for the Scientific/Religious/Belief/Paradigm in addition to the ones that I seem to be in.  What is the greater sacrifice, agreeing on one thing or ceaselessly hitting each other with various “rocks” from various “Pillars” of Belief that just may be connected as branches of the same Tree (a Tree I call Life), and then using parts of this Tree to destroy each other and itself may not be the best choice we can make.  If you were flying a kite right now, would you say you were holding onto the kite, or that the universe was holding on to you, both, none, all of the above?  What if that kite is your idea of your Soul/Awareness, then what?  What is the unity of seemingly paradoxical paradigms but an act of faith we could call a living scientific axiom or just being “alive”, as opposed to being a Machine/Human and out of the “illusion” of control and amorality.  What would you do, keep it a secret, make some quick cash or just give it away… well, I chose the latter since it was a gift in the first place.  More is to come.