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Plato’s Sun

“And what shall you see?”

said the sun to the cave.

“I shant, I will just be.

My sanity, I can save.”

“Ah, but feel upon your calm

and you shall know chaos.

I beg of you, behold the dawn,

your words are at a loss.”

“Twas a phrase wrought of spite,

why tremble my stone?

Your height is my might,

I am your lofty throne.

“It is not you that holds me high,

It is I who raises you like bread.

But, how would you know,” sigh,

“your shadows are dead.”

“Why do you stab me so?

What ray to you ride?

This and that I must know

lest you decide to hide.”

“Dolt! It is shadows that lurk,

they flee through my  compassion

oozing from the depths of your murk,

rising from the smallest of passions.”

“Sun, Oh Sun,

the road to Prestige flows both ways.

One can see by your light,

and one that one can’t by night.

It does not matter which


takes the people,

for they travel both

with De∞light.