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The Paradigms of Revolution: Pt. 2.1 of The Scientific: Science & Morality

In part 1 of this series the issues of the Nuclear Accord took precedent in order to set the stage for discussions regarding morals, ethics, and science. To be fair Science has progressed well past 1952, and although the Nuclear Accord is quite important in the discussions of morals and science, there is much that can be discussed that is more relevant to today’s reality. For instance, in 2010 Sam Harris (a prominent neuroscientist, atheist and author), gave a TED talk entitled “Science can answer moral questions“, in which he progresses from the assumption that morality involves the improvement of the “well-being” of conscious beings, and that science can define this well-being. Historically the question of well-being, morality and ethics belonged to the realms of religion and philosophy, and is still vehemently debated over to this day. Some argue that questions of well-being cannot be answered by science, but that science only offers us “facts” based upon a preferred philosophy and that it is up to the subjective observer to use these facts with reasoning to make moral judgements. Some feel that science cannot answer the questions of what we ought to do, just the facts to the best of it’s ability so that we can make an “educated” and moral decision regarding the particular subjective situation.

Sam also says that psychology can help to answer these questions, but recently the DSM has been officially challenged and historically much of psychology has been at odds with the accepted western mind-body/quantum computer-machine model (the very model that is accepted in neuroscience and most medicine) as evidenced by Stanislav Grof and the growth of Transpersonal Psychology into a scientific and social movement with center for learning outside of “accepted” science called Esalen. It is doubtful that with the apparent growth of psychology in the direction away from the accepted model, that it will aid neuroscience or other branches in supporting that model. This is not to imply that these two branches can’t assist in answering moral questions, but rather to point out that these two branches are at philosophic odds with each other, and have been for quite some time. Sam also expresses other such divides later on by bringing up the renown string theorist Edward Witten, as a personal nemesis, showing that the scientific divide created by string theory is growing and that it is touted as both a dead-end and a savior depending on who you talk to. Science is far from seamless and the various branches seem more like telephone poles of theory rather than a cohesive tree of knowledge, but then again the same could be said for the different religions.

From the TED lecture

“Now, the irony from my perspective is that the only people who seem to generally agree with me, and who think that there are right and wrong answers to moral questions, are religious demagogues of one form or another.  And of course they think they have right answers to moral questions because they got these answers from a voice in a whirlwind… not because they made an intelligent analysis of the causes and conditions of human and animal wellbeing.  In fact the endurance of religion as a lens through which most people view moral questions has separated most moral talk from real questions of human and animal suffering.  This is why we spend our time talking about things like gay marriage and not about genocide, or nuclear proliferation,  or poverty, or any other hugely consequential issue.  But The demagogues are right about one thing, we need a universal conception of human values… How have we convinced ourselves that there is no such thing as moral expertise…”

Its worthy of note that the slide shot he presents for the religious demagogues in question are only of three orthodox Abrahamic faiths.  There are Hindus, Buddhists, Chinese Folk Religionists, Ethno-religionists, New religionists, Sikhs, Spiritists, Daoists, Baha’is, Confucians, Jains, Shintoists, Zorastrians and not to mention many other forms of the Abrahamics besides the three orthodox varieties displayed, and lets not forget towns like Mt. Shasta in northern California, the birthplace of over 100 New Age religions such as the I AM Church.  Are we to put all of these people into one useless moral pot and say that they do not make “intelligent analysis of the causes and conditions of human and animal well-being”?  That is one very large overgeneralization that conveniently tries to create an archimedean point to limit the process of defining morality to the non-religious.  Statistics show that the non-religious make up about 12-24% of the world population, depending on who you ask, with atheists at around 2%, keeping in mind that statistics show the atheist population is mostly comprised of scientists as well as an estimated 70% of them being ex-Christians.  Even if Sam could ensure that only the “non-religious” were to make moral decisions, he could not ensure that 70% of these decisions would quite possibly be influenced by various religious ideas of morality, leaving the ex-theists behind that would reduce it to around 2% of the world population… and that’s just not very moral or democratic.

There is a well known and recorded history of many religions (both revealed or indigenous) and how they have shared in the act of developing the ongoing definitions of right and wrong and much like the branches of Science, they don’t all agree with one another.  Any body of knowledge whether scientific, religious, political, philosophical or other bodies of knowledge is but a tool for understanding and as tools they can be used for good and ill.  One of the well known tools of many religions and belief systems is commonly referred to as the “mystical” state, and although there are many unique varieties of this state, many studies show universal similarities, as well.  Harris attempts to drive the classification of the word “mystical” into a two-faced polyseme by reducing it to “they got these answers from a voice in a whirlwind”, while his earlier comments regarding a mostly unavailable state of well being that may aide in moral acquisitions reflect mystical experiences under a different light.

“I think of this as a kind of moral landscape, with peaks and valleys that correspond to differences in the wellbeing of conscious creatures, both personal and collective… and one thing to notice is that perhaps there are states of human wellbeing that we rarely access, that few people access, and these await our discovery.  Perhaps some of these states could be appropriately called mystical or spiritual.  Perhaps there are other states that we can’t access because of how our minds our structured, but other minds possibly could access them… I’m not saying that science is guaranteed to map this space, or that we will have scientific answers to every conceivable moral question.  I don’t think… that one day you will consult a super computer to learn whether you should have a second child, or whether we should bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities…”

On the one hand, peaks of well-being on the moral landscape may include elevated and perhaps rare mystical states or “states of human well-being” that are to a degree universal, both in content and values of well-being (not just human well-being)… then on the other hand these same mystical states are nothing more than a “voice in a whirlwind” to be disregarded as irrelevant. Either deep mystical states aid in the development, understanding, acceptance and application of the various values of well-being, morals and ethics and are to be respected as valuable resources, or they are not to be valued, but to be righteously excluded from moral decisions.  It may not be clear to some that actually having one of these deeper mystical experiences may be different from just reading, interpreting and possibly misunderstanding or even abusing those experiences of others (such as the prophets and/or anyone living or dead); as weapons of bigotry rather than as useful tools in the age old search for universal morality.

Keep in mind that consciousness is still yet undefined by science to a large degree and that other states of consciousness like NREM, REM, meditation, lucid dreaming/secondary-consciousness, OBEs, prenatal-consciousness, hypnosis and more are even less defined.  The definition is further stretched and blurred by disputes amongst scientists as to what non-human forms of “life” can be classified as conscious; e.g. animal, insect, plant, protists, saprophytes, viruses, single-celled, the theoretical shadow biosphere life forms, probable alien life forms, universal and possibly other unknown forms.  At this point it may prove useful to bring up the points that Harris had studied meditation before becoming a neuroscientist, went to vipassana, has spoken regarding meditation and that he has given guided meditations, so that we might be able to limit the discussion to deep states of meditation and whether they are of value… a field he claims to be familiar with… “perhaps”.

It could easily be argued scientifically that those who meditate may be more apt to make moral judgements than those that don’t, research and studies are showing that it has an accumulative effect on various parts of the brain that may affect moral judgement as well as the growth of these areas.  For instance, the spatial & time center of the brain, commonly referred to as the parietal-lobe, shows a decreased amount of activity during meditation.  This could have a profound effect upon the development of one’s morality by repeatedly and biochemically “dissolving” the familiar dimensional aspects of one’s identity into the external universe, turning one’s consciousness inside out so to speak.  If through this a person is able to identify themselves with all of earthly humanity, then it follows that their levels of empathy and compassion for all of humanity may very well be increased with repetition.  Both empathy and compassion are invaluable tools in defining morality by giving one the ability to see things from other perspectives, as well as valuing the wellbeing of others as much, or even somehow more than one’s own, as say a parent might for their child.  Also noted in the link above, the frontal-lobe shows an increase in activity during and possibly after meditation.  This area of the brain is commonly thought to be involved in focusing attention and concentration, both of these are useful tools when applied to moral problem resolution by assisting in keeping at the task at hand as well multiple focus.   Another area of the brain affected by meditation is the emotional center, also known as the amygdala.  During and after meditation, the response to various emotional stimuli by the amygdala has shown to be reduced, resulting in the potential for process specific learning as opposed to stimulus or tasks specific learning.  This implies not only that meditation may have enduring effects upon emotional wellbeing, but that it may also aid in clearing the mind of emotions that may cloud one’s ability to make rational judgements in times of moral need.  I’d like to mention two more areas of the brain that may aid in moral acquisition and is affected by meditation, the hippocampus is an area that is assumed to be responsible for transitioning short term to long term memory, behavior inhibition, as well as spatial coding or cognitive mapmaking.  A study from UCLA  in 2012 has shown that the hippocampus volume is larger in long-term meditators (up to 15% larger than in those who don’t), with more volume going to the left hippocampal head.  If meditation does have long term affects upon the “cognitive skills”, “mental capacities” and other traits associated with the hippocampus, it is quite easy to see how meditation may have a profound and long term affect upon one’s ability to resolve moral issues, and perhaps to the degree of universality that Harris claims science may achieve.  Lastly, MIT recently discovered that the right temporo-parietal junction (rTMJ) can be affected by magnetics, this area is thought to be our moral center.  An experiment in 2008 showed that the rTMJ has increased activity with mediation, and that this state may very well increase empathy.  Due to recent science, Sam’s “perhaps” has grown into scientific facts, these very spiritual states may indeed lead to a place universal morality, and that this moral journey is in fact a very spiritual one.  If the two are indeed intrinsically intwined in some way (quite possibly beyond our chemical biology as many would have us believe).

Recently I read a Huffington Post article posted by Deepak Chopra regarding his ongoing battle with the “Enemies of Reason” headed by Richard Dawkins, in it were some very interesting tidbits of scientific information.  A scientist working in Japan in the nanotechnology industry by the name of Anirban Bandyopadhyay, had this to say…

“The project that we planned to do in MIT is that: We have discovered “frequency fractal” in microtubules and “negative resonance”, these two terms we have coined very recently, let me explain. It means apart from the fundamental frequencies (8MHz, 12MHz, 18MHz, 22MHz, 95MHz, 128MHz, 184MHz, 228MHz etc) it follows anharmonic and harmonic overtones. To explain simply, in normal musical instruments, you have one fundamental frequency say 8MHz and their integral multiples, right? So it will be 16, 32, 48…. and so on. But in microtubule it is 1.3 times, then 1.8 times then 2.3 times etc. This is remarkable in musical instruments. You can vibrate at some frequencies and communication will occur through a different overtones, this has been demonstrated theoretically and experimentally. Now, negative resonance means, some frequencies do not send signal in the forward direction, rather, in the reverse way. What is the outcome? You get x and y parts (positive and negative resonance) which constructs basic overtones (pixels) so you get a fractal.
Now communication operating at astronomically large number of frequencies simultaneously (at real and imaginary space, by basic definition of fractal), cannot remain confined inside a microtubule, we have checked these vibrations controls neurotransmitter motions, then “firing” patterns and as you know fractal never dies if there is a fractal like hardware. We have it all over the body. That means frequency fractal will be everywhere in every single rhythm, from neuron firing to circadian rhythm. We want to map the entire fractal frequency architecture of entire human brain and body in one year by collaborating with an MIT professor Chi-Sang Poon who works for large scale rhythms in the brain and the body.
If we find a generic rule, it will be a new kind of biology operating in parallel with the existing chemical only biology. And it will also be proved that all brain building projects will fail, we require a completely new kind of science, materials and engineering technology to understand basic biology more completely before even we think of replicating brain.”

If this is true and there is a parallel system to the chemical only biology, this winter all of science could be turned inside out. Further, if meditation is proven to affect this parallel system of biology as well as the other brain areas that do affect moral judgement, should we not take the stance much like David Lynch and demand that meditation be taught in schools? In fact, there are those that feel that meditation might have very well made us human in the first place, and the question as to whether morals are just a function of one’s brain matter is still very much up for debate.

In closing I’d like to mention that although I don’t in any way support Sam’s very anti-Islamic stance which is quite apparent in the TED talk he gave (there are many occasions), nor his faith in the computer/mechanical model of the mind/body, or his faith that science can truly find moral truths instead of simply gathering evidence of how an ancient spiritual practice may actually hold the key to the future of wellbeing and how it may help humanity find a potential path to universal morality through the concrete jungle of moral relativism. ENRON, once a giant in the business world used Richard Dawkins’ book ‘The Selfish Gene‘ as its “bible“, I wish that they had given as much importance to meditation, maybe the world would be a different place today. What Sam and I do agree on is that science is a very useful tool for discovery, that there is such a thing as universal morality, that finding this should be our highest of personal goals and that lying is essentially bad. In the next section of Science and Morality I will discuss Monsanto, Myriad, Microsoft and more, until then I’d suggest some meditation.


Tell it to the Mountain ∞

mtshasttrainI used to live at the base of Mt. Shasta and sometimes out there the mountain is all you have to tell it to. I used to rarely blog, but for now, you are my mountain.  From 3/24/2010
The other morning as I sat looking at the mountain thinking of the astronomical amount of uncertainty present in my life (seemingly at all times), in hopes that it would do what the mountain normally does… make most any problem seem inconsequentially small. Instead I received a question, a question of certainty and of those that “have it”.
There are many kinds of it, like the certainty that I have that if you step on my toe it will hurt, the certainty of the 5th pregnancy test, the final report card, missing the bus, quitting your job,and the certainty that one day we will die.
But then there is this other breed of certainty, and this is where things get a little hazy at times. Like the certainty that you lived before, or that there’s a place to go when your dead, or that the sun will come up tomorrow (cause you just never know.. do you), the certainty that you’re in good hands with all state, or what about the certainty that Jesus, Buddah or Muhammed existed or the certainty that any of them had some kind of special deal going, the certainty of how the world and/or universe was/is created, the certainty of purpose, certainty and its partners justified and rightousness. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not implying what anyone should or shouldn’t be certain of, I’m just trying to admit that these are just a few of the things that I’m uncertain of, in fact proudly so.
The feeling of uncertainty smells of fear, this fear creates a need for certainty, its security, comfort and solidity. Mt. Shasta is pretty darn solid, it’s been supposed to blow for over 20 years now, its totally solid and totally uncertain and yet I look to it for peace of mind….. and I find it, in the midst of uncertainty. So, with that I make this humble plea for uncertainty, to embrace it and get to know it for yourself and realize that its perfectly fine to be certain of your uncertainty, but most of all if you are not absolutely certain of something don’t pretend be.

May OUR Tribe Increase ∞ May you Be the Last in Line.

While searching through my old resumes (in 2009) I found a poem, one that used to hang on my Grandfather’s wall when I was I child. It was passed down to me, and with my adventurous filing style, it got lost. It was written by Leigh Hunt (1784-1859). This poem holds deep meaning for me personally, for the world at large and its recent events, and probably for you too. (edited (not much), by me))…..

ABOU BEN ADHEM (may his tribe increase!)

Awoke one night from a deep dream of peace,

And saw, within the moonlight in his room,

Making it rich, and like a lily in bloom,

An angel writing in a book of gold….

Exceeding peace had made Ben Adhem bold,

And to the Presence in the room he said,

“What writest thou?” – The vision raised its head,

And with a look made of all sweet accord,

Answered, “The names of those who love the Creator.”

“And is mine one?” said Abou. “Nay, not so,”

Replied the angle. Abou spoke more low,

But cheerly still, and said, “I pray thee, then,

Write me as one who loves my fellow-people.”

The angel wrote, and vanished. The next night

It came again with a great wakening light,

And showed the names whom love of the Creator had blessed,

And lo! Ben Adhem’s name led all the rest.


painting of a geza

painting of a Ben Ezra Synagogue & Tomb

Scientific Revolution∞Best Response

This is by far the best response to the issue of a scientific revolution of paradigm and how it can change the world forever uniting all and all religions and all science, I mean, aint’ it about time?Image

If i can summerise your idea I would say, “We can eliminate strive and illicit cooperation by adopting one simple belief system that incorporates every belief system”. I agree, its logical to conclude that this is the solution to much of self imposed suffering in our global community. This is a very large and spiritual mission and there must be a contingent that handles the dissemination of the idea you have expressed above. It would be best spread as a religious movement but obtaining funds for your idea will make it vulnerable to corruption. This is the catch 22 and I think its worth it either way to spread such a positive idea.

Regarding my approach I want to change the system from the inside out. In the same way a virus works. Occupy was not an ego based approach and yet they wanted to change ego based institutions. there was no hierarchy there was no face for reporters to push their mics into, there wasn’t one simple objective.

Imagine a movement (reset) that incorporated all the structure of other successful (tea party) movements. The funding will be there, the organization will be there, the message will be clear, but most importantly we will integrate the intellectual spiritual aspects which resonate deep in the hearts and minds of humanity.

I really do believe this is the best approach. Ironically many people are disenfranchised by spiritual moments due to the lack of coherency and articulation of such ideas and mostly the free form kind of (every opinion is valid) approach, inhibiting the emergence of a single recognizable truth.

Having said all this your idea is beautiful and Utopian, but it needs a vehicle. A religion, a structure an organization to move it forward. Islam spread because they build mosks. I don’t necessarily like that it works this way but its clear to me for now this is the way it works.

∞℗☛EVOLUTICON Pts 1-3☚℗∞


This is not only a “testament” to “my” “faith” but also a “confession” (no, “I” didn’t “kill” “anybody” minus the “bug” “last” night and some other “nature” “stories” (had a “really bad” “night’s” “sleep”, a lot “on” “my” “mind”)), that “I” just don’t “get it”, and maybe “I’m” not “supposed” to. “Let” “me” fill “you” “in”, “right now” a “lightning storm” rolled in out of “nowhere” and filled the “sky” with “awe” and shook the “earth” of “Nevada County” (the “gold rush” “aka” the “gun pointing” towards “NV” (just “pointing” that “out” “United” “States”)), and “in my head”.  This morning (5/4/13), it was a sunny “happy” day as “I” went to the cafe for my daily “dose” of “coffee” and the “world”, sometimes it’s not even “sweet” with “organic sugar”.  Then, “two” “older” (70ish), “gentlemen” “I” “know” quite well “got into” an “argument” resulting in one of them on the “ground” and “both” of “them” “afraid”.  “I” “still” don’t “get it”, “they” were “both” “right” and “wrong”, “both ways” “at” the “same time”, and yet “I’m” “dumbfounded”, how did “I” “get here”?  Well, if “I” “was” “debating” on writing this “whatever it is” “before” this morning, this morning’s “event” was the “straw” that “broke my camel’s back” (please don’t send “pain medication”).  Oh yeah, “before” “I” “get” “too deep”, the “quote” “thing”… well, “the way” “I” “see” “it” is that the “world” of “my” “human” “experience” still “lacks” much “definition” and that these are “words” “I” “intend” to “define” “for myself”.  Although, I really don’t want to have to keep typing these damn things in here so lets just say that all the above quoted words or phrases are now, and until further notice, to be considered quoted (not necessarily a bad thing), but I “get” the “feeling” there are a lot more to “come”, so “watch out” – weave and bob, weave and bob… in “your” “thoughts”, “dogmas” and “bodies” that is (please include the last few words, as well as: “time, gravity, consciousness, unconsciousness, ethics, sentience, master, slave, light, electricity, death, life, violence, happiness and infinity” (much more upon request), and any others that may seem “questionable” or that “you” may “find” “personally” questionable (like “Woodsmen” for example), and keep in mind I “reserve” the “right” to “quote” “things” already on the quoted “list” “at any time”.  Thanks for your time and enjoy… oh, and I do “personally” and “sincerely” want to say that I am “truly sorry” for any “unintended” “offense” “taken”, that is not my “aim”, nor do “we” “live” on a necessarily “gentle” “earth”…. and/or, I’m not sorry……
the starfish in me.


By now, you might think I’m a little “strange”, “good”, in “fact” that would be “nice”.  You “see”, my “problems” all “started” when I “discovered” I “was” “indeed” “hanging out” on a “Fallacious” “Tree of Life”, and so, I cut that *&%$#@% SOB down, and that “lumbar” is what I’ve “used” “make” my “new” “house” that you “see” “here”.  I’d “like” to “show” you “around” if I “could”, do you have some “time”….. “curious”?  Don’t “worry”, we can always “go back” to the “Real” “Tree of Life”…. right?                

Wow, BIG day (5/6/2013), I listened to that Julian/Hedges interview, I was really hoping that we could take care of that Bush/Cheaney thing first though… and maybe we could kinda see where we go from “there”, ya “know”?  Did you happen to hear about the “secret” zombie plot to make unicorns use 3D printers to smear poop on rainbows?  Neither did I.  Oh, and supposedly on Naburu, ‘Reality Earth’ is way up high in the rankings (pass it please…yo!).  Which brings me to the ULTIMATE QUESTION……. after all, how “I” do “love” mystery and anticipation.  Remind me to tell myself about the seminal question when you get a “chance”, and if you’re beginning to think that I’m “stalling”, I’m not, timing is “everything” (shhh).  This question was posted on “God”s page and stopped the “atheist comment show” “cold” (sometimes for days), over and over again, until the Facebook “lesser gods” decided I was abusing my privilege of slinging “soulful” shit onto the atheistic fan page that is well known for slinging “religious” shit, along with such sites as ‘Religion Poisons Everything’ (uh, excuse me, but I thought that was Science’s job?), so to speak.  Well, my fun didn’t stop there as I “tiptoed” over to the Huffington Post smeared a rainbow or two, and then I “dilly dallied” over to that dignified rag ‘the New Yorker’… and laid a big shiny starfish poop on an article entitled ‘Does Science have Faith?’, which by the way side as far as Richard Dawkins is concerned “Science works Bitches!”, not bad for a 4 time Nobel/best “thinker” dude huh (my Dad had a replica of that statue I’ll have you know)?  Before you come into the “foyer” of my new pad I should let you know a couple of things about what I did before I realized I was a “starfishes” (remind me to tell myself about the starfishing someday).  “Today”, while I was “gazing” out a window, I began trying wonder what I wanted to be, before I wanted to be a “job”.  I “wandered down” into the “basement” (that light never works!), and after I bumped into a few “support beams” in the “dark” “it” came to “me” like that musty smell you smell when you opened up that box of stuff that your parent’s (I do love all 6 or 7 of mine btw), carefully packed away for you oh so “long” ago (well my box did smell (that just doesn’t sound right does it)).  I travelled deep (no pun intended), into my memories, like those glow in the dark fish at the bottom of the ocean, and found in the heavy watery depths an INTERGALACTIC SUPERHERO!  That’s what “I” wanted “be”!!… but, when I got to “college”, my superhero had somehow seemingly without my “consent” “evolved” into a Geneticist (remember those ‘find a job’ punch cards?… burn them all), and decided that it would be best to let Chemistry and Math “club” my spacehero within inches of his life and then try and drown him in Statistics class (don’t worry “silly”, “I” “dropped” “out”, too “smart” for my “own” “good”).  The “moral” of these “facts”… I don’t hate Science or Religion, but, I don’t love either or (c’mon they aren’t people people!).  Science, the self professed ‘master of the universe’ and illegitimate only bastard child of the pure and simple yet strangely powerful “human” “trait” called “curiosity”, and another ancient crusty old human trait that I’d like to call (for lack of a better term), ‘I wanna do the right thing’, (that scientists are just now finding has a half life as well as a full one), eventually neither trait wanted to “claim” the “child”.  “According” to the most recent “polls” the most “expensive” substance known to “humanity” (and scientists included), is Anti-Matter, I really don’t know what to say… I mean, I “thought”… well “never mind”, silly me, it was just a thought.  “Look alive”, here’s that question you’ve been “waiting” for (you have been “waiting”, right?)….. ‘You are in the San Francisco Bay on a drowning/sinking bus with Prophet/profit x,y, or z (of your choice), there is only one way out (time life “books” flights to Mars!), and one person “dies”, what do “you” “think” will happen?’ ~ You don’t have to answer that right away, neither has Richard.  I believe that this simple question can and will end many bloody battles of the bodies, minds and souls of everyone on this planet, kinda like ‘faith in a mustard seed’ (as my Grandma used to say), and lightly sprinkled with convictioner’s sugar (the “sweetest” stuff comes from the “soul” btw).


     I need to get something off “my” chest.  So, how many people does it take to make a new Religion/Belief system and/or to change the current Scientifically acceptable Axiom/Paradigm of materialistic “reality”?  One is probably the answer you might be looking for, that’s the I came up with anyway.  If that’s the case then I choose to do both at the same time.  For now I’ll call it ‘Mother Earth/Father Universe & the Living Gift’ and/or ‘The Law of the Mutable Sentience of Planetary Bodies and the Universe’.  That’s about as condensed as I think I can get it.  How many Islamic environmentalists are out there, how many scientist that have public or private beliefs in the “idea of a God” and/or of “alien” “life” forms?  The idea I am about to present can negotiate all of these and more.  It can negotiate the various ideas and beliefs of “God”, “the Soul”, “Life” & “Sentience” as a possible living/expanding constant Scientific paradigm/axiom of acceptable and believable unknowns in Scientific terms as well as relieve “Religious” strife and infighting allowing of course that these “Religions/Beliefs” are indeed each a path to compassion for the beauty of this creation (points unknown and infinite), called Earth and all of “it’s” “beings” as well as “ourselves”, and to value life itself over one’s “own” and valor over violence.  You can co-opt this idea and make it your own and color it as you will.

     What would happen if the Human World adopted an Umbrella Paradigm/Belief/Scientific Axiom/Religion that allowed for healthy/holistic paradigms to flourish?  Tell you what, you could call it what ever name/phrase you want (or none at all), hell, you could even call it common sense cause what’s happening right now in many parts of one Earth (well, not noticeably here by the pond anyway), is near lunacy.  I just call it Reality.  If you’re in to politics you could call it the Ultimate “Bulworth/Mr. Smith”, and if you’re in to philosophy you could call it a double edged razor and if you were moral you might call it just.  This is my peaceful offering to you, the world and life itself and I choose to call a Revolution of the Soul, or what may also be referred to as the only bloodless revolution around, even scientific revolutions have had to wait for scientist(s) to die.  If we just allowed ourselves to care, I’m sure that we could quite a bit.  That could change some things huh?  A Religion/Belief that is also a Scientific Axiom/Paradigm that can be holistically applied to our current shared/personal realities and sufferings.  If this Religion/Universal Paradigm/Belief, let’s just call it “God” for now, is an expanding and multidimensional body of knowledge then it cannot be quantified with questions and data or written in one book, rather it is the open ended questioning itself, after all, curiosity can trump fear with or without “success” and whether one calls it scientific or natural curiosity.

     A change in Belief/Paradigm could very well be reflected in our “priorities”, I’m just trying to get mine straight by accepting a flexible and mutable Umbrella for the Scientific/Religious/Belief/Paradigm in addition to the ones that I seem to be in.  What is the greater sacrifice, agreeing on one thing or ceaselessly hitting each other with various “rocks” from various “Pillars” of Belief that just may be connected as branches of the same Tree (a Tree I call Life), and then using parts of this Tree to destroy each other and itself may not be the best choice we can make.  If you were flying a kite right now, would you say you were holding onto the kite, or that the universe was holding on to you, both, none, all of the above?  What if that kite is your idea of your Soul/Awareness, then what?  What is the unity of seemingly paradoxical paradigms but an act of faith we could call a living scientific axiom or just being “alive”, as opposed to being a Machine/Human and out of the “illusion” of control and amorality.  What would you do, keep it a secret, make some quick cash or just give it away… well, I chose the latter since it was a gift in the first place.  More is to come.